How To Secure A Student Loan

College is the best tool that we can use when trying to expand out education and elarn skills that we can apply in the real world. People who go to college end up getting a better job and making more money than those who don’t. It used to be that the hardest part about college was learning – but now it is simply finding a way to pay for it.

Student loans were created to do just this. Most types of loans will cover all or most of the tuition and the cost of books. Some require credit checks while others base everything off of what your job will be. Learn how to apply for the right student loan.

Most students have no choice but to apply for a federal based loan. The Stafford and Perkins loans are the most common of these. These are easy for students to apply for because they do not run a background credit check. This is good because most young adults don’t have any credit history to speak for.


Fill out a free application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA). This is a common tool to use when securing a government loan. This will help to put you on the right track for getting the loan and obtaining grant money if you need it.


The Stafford loan is a type of subsidized loan that is particularly used for students who make very little money, have no credit, and do not have a co-signer. Most people can get this loan with little problems. The one downsize to this is that the amount they give is quite small.


The Perkins loan is given to students who have little to no money to speak for. It has a 5% interest rate and a longer payback term than the Stafford loan. This makes it easier for the student to pay it back.