Top Software Brands

There are many different types of loan servicing software to choose from. Various program companies have designed ones specifically for payday loans, mortgage loans, or even student loans. Each one varies depending on the price, the features it has to offer, and how well it works to enhance your business.

LA Pro

LA Pro is one of the top servicing brands it is a powerful, easy to use system that has the ability to integrate with other systems. Many organizations – both large and small – will use this program. Banks, investor lenders, credit unions, CUSO’s, finance companies, and government agencies use the software to keep track of mortgages, student loans, business loans, and commercial loans.

The features help the software to keep track of collateral and tax tracking, collections management, custom user interface, customer database, and accounting systems. It offers to much more and will help you to keep all the information organized under an easy to use system.

Nortridge Loan System

This system helps to make managing and keeping track of various loans easier than ever. This comprehensive software is known to be flexible and to provide people with document control, credit bureau reporting, security, and payment options. This means that they have the ability to print out check rather than writing them out by hand.

Other features that it offers includes; collections management, custom user interface, automatic funds distribution, and an audit trail. It will remember all the information that you store in it and it will help to make running your business easier than ever.

Loan Ledger

Loan Ledger was rated as the number one loan servicing software program. This offers a wide range of features including servicing mortgages and adding simple interest. This program was designed specifically for mortgage companies, credit unions, non profit organizations, commercial lending, auto loan servicing, and so much more.

This software is easy to install and helps to provide the business with amortization schedule preparation, call center management, compliance management, customer database, and an audit trail.